Our Story

About Mardel

Mardel Christian & Education is a faith-based company dedicated to renewing minds and transforming lives through the products we sell and the ministries we support. To this end, we provide a large selection of Bibles, books, movies, gifts, music, kid products, apparel, church and educational supplies, and homeschool curriculum.

We offer quality products at the best prices on Mardel.com and across our 34 stores located in the central region of the United States. Our products share truth, teach knowledge, offer encouragement, inspire worship, and bring joy–fulfilling the vision of Mardel to make a difference and give hope.

Furthering our mission, we faithfully give 10% of our net profits to help print Bibles translated by Wycliffe Bible Translators. Wycliffe Bible Translators is a ministry dedicated to translating the Bibles into the language of every people group around the World.

We are a resource center equipping the whole person–specializing in the provision of all your spiritual and intellectual needs.

History of Mardel

In 1981, Mart Green, CEO, stepped out of his family’s business, Hobby Lobby, to pursue his own dream in the Christian and office supply retail market by opening the first Mardel retail store in northwest Oklahoma City. The store was small in size, approximately 7,200 square feet, but carried a large variety of products, including Bibles, books, office supplies, music, and gifts.

From that point on, Mart’s vision and leadership brought about the expansion of product selection and retail stores–now 34 stores total–into several states, including Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado and Louisiana. Stores now average approximately 25,000 square feet with additional product selections in movies, kid products, apparel, educational supplies, and homeschool curriculum.

Mardel’s corporate location is headquartered with Hobby Lobby’s complex in Oklahoma City and Mardel has more than 800 employees.