December Recommended Reads – The Jesus I Know

No matter what background we come from or what religion we were raised in, one person has made an impact known around the world: Jesus Christ. He is known as a prophet, a teacher, or the Messiah depending on who you ask. Kathie Lee Gifford takes you on a journey to discover who you believe Jesus is and the impact He has made in your life as you read many accounts of celebrities and average joe’s whom have been impacted by this incredible man.

Kathie Lee Gifford is a Jill-of-many-trades in the entertainment industry. Her faith is the one aspect of her life that she has held dear and has discussed publicly. In The Jesus I Know book, she gives an introduction to the readers that we are to learn and read everyone’s perspectives and spiritual experiences. We should respect what each person shared and to come to a deeper understanding of our own faith journey. That principle should also be applied in our lives. Kathie believes we should ask ourselves this question: Who is the Jesus I know? Once we dive deeper into that question, we can better assess our journey of faith and get to know our Lord and Savior on a more personal level.

The majority of the interviews are with Kathie’s celebrity friends that range from Kristin Chenoweth, Brian Welch, Jason Scruggs and his wife, Kris Jenner, and more. She also mixes in lesser known individuals whom she is close friends with, such as Hubie Synn, Roger Charles, Cynthia Garrett, and more. Each person gave insight into their personal lives whether they had been believers their whole life or came to know and believe in Christ later on. The stories that are shared in this book can enlighten someone that might be facing similar situations or questions. The reader will notice that there are a range of people that talk openly about their faith journey. There may be differences within each story, but the commonality is that they are friends with Kathie Lee Gifford. More importantly, they all have been impacted by Jesus. Kathie also mentions a trip to Israel that she took with some of the people she interviewed in the book. Every person that went on that trip had an amazing time and a spiritual experience that made an impression on them.

Each chapter is devoted to each person Kathie spoke to for the book. The conversations she has with each person is more conversational rather than a question and answer forum. Kathie gives her opinions and insight during these moments as well. She also put a Scripture section in the book for people who are unfamiliar with the Bible verses mentioned throughout the chapters. This book is written specifically for the readers to either start a relationship with Jesus or reignite one with Him. The book can also be a precursor to start going to church or reading the Bible for more insight. This could even be the beginning of sharing the Gospel with non-believers. Faith is too important not to be shared, experienced, or treasured. Give this book to someone looking for answers and inspiration all in one warm and friendly place.

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