Thanksgiving 2021

Thanksgiving still looks and feels different this year. The global pandemic continues plus supply shortages and inflation to deal with. Some families are so very grateful they can’t wait to get together to celebrate with their traditions. Some are still extra cautious about any gatherings. Others sadly have become divided due to opposing views on politics, vaccines, or other issues.

Maybe this is a good year to revive the basics and remember the reason why we even have this national holiday so we can truly enjoy it!

It is about having a grateful heart and taking time to acknowledge and give thanks for the many blessings that we do have! It’s about coming together to spend time with family or friends over a scrumptious meal and fun activities – whether with just a few or many. It could be about healing broken relationships and growing new ones too.

They say kindness is the new superpower.

Well I think that gratitude is the side kick…or is it the other way around. When we take the time every day to notice – there are always people, things, and events to be thankful for – and therefore it is easy to be kind! Do you have a comfortable place to live? Good health? Relationships that bless you? A stable job?

Perhaps this is the year to reach out and help someone else!

Because sometimes during difficult times it takes a little help from a friend or a family member to remind, encourage, motivate, and build us back up.

So, what are some ways you can be a blessing to others this holiday season?

How about raking your neighbors leaves and cleaning up tree limbs for them? Or offering to drive an elderly or disabled person to an appointment? Or visit people you don’t even know in an assisted living or nursing home! Or make time to call someone you have not spoken with in a while and really listen and have an engaging conversation.

It feels amazing bless others out of a grateful heart – it’s a win-win!

Music and movies are great traditions – they go hand in hand with all the good food and decorations. Who do you know who would be so happy to receive a good movie to relax and watch? Or some wonderful tunes to listen to?

Many families and friends have lost loved ones and are missing them around the table. Perhaps giving a gift of one the many inspirational books available on grief will soothe their sorrow and show that you care. Or how about an encouraging marriage or family book. Or a title from their favorite genre.

And when it comes to food, how about making enough of your tasty favorites to share with someone who doesn’t cook. Or send a restaurant gift card long distance so they can enjoy a delicious meal without having to prepare it!

Delightful fragrances are a part of the holidays!

So how about blessing someone with a rich scented candle or some sensory  aromatherapy. Or a fragrant spa product for a little pampering. Tea and coffee lovers will appreciate a refreshing gift to enjoy.

No matter what we do this year, it can be better than last year!

Last year I gave you a variety of ideas of how to celebrate Thanksgiving 2020. Check those out again for this year. I used some of those ideas as Covid-19 hit our home. We are very thankful that it is different this year.

What are you most thankful for? How will you express your gratitude?

Whatever you do be kind, be grateful and have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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