November Recommended Reads – Divine Disruption

Grief is a conundrum in and of itself.

We all experience the inevitability of the pain and sorrow of it. There is never a warning nor a good time for it to occur. Whether it’s a medical diagnosis or a death, grief hits us in different ways that we won’t know how to deal with until we’re met with it.

Dr. Tony Evans and his children Chrystal Evans Hurst, Priscilla Shirer, Anthony Evans, and Jonathan Evans take you through their journey of grief and their experience during the pandemic. They discuss the terrible domino effect of losing five members in the family as well as their biggest grief they shared in together. They lost their wife and mother, Lois Evans.

The unique perspective this book takes the readers on is each family member takes turns speaking in each chapter. It’s as if they’re all having a conversation together. The chapters begin with a Bible verse that correlates to the titles of them. The family gives insight into how we can bring God into our struggles, pain, and sorrow without turning away from Him.

In the midst of family members passing away, on March 2019, Tony won the National Religious Broadcasters’ Hall of Fame award. On a night that should be of celebration and accomplishment, the family was suffering even more. They all were now learning that Lois’ cancer had returned. There is nothing medically that can be done to help her.

Everyone broke down and cried. Lois interrupted their sadness to say they need to continue to preach, write, and sing for the Lord. They are going to be in a spiritual warfare and they need to be ready to attack the Enemy. Her words struck a chord with the family and should with the readers. Her courage and strength are remarkable. She did everything she could to beat cancer. However, Lois Evans passed away on December 30th, 2019. On top of that, Priscilla gets diagnosed with lung cancer and has to have an operation to remove it. Luckily, it was caught in time.

The book continues the conversation but changes the subject slightly. The family delves into the pandemic and how they’ve endured during this difficult circumstance. Everything shuts down and everyone is forced to stay at home. This gives them time to grieve all the losses they’ve had to endure.

They all handled their pain differently. Tony read Scripture, Chrystal started a livestream, Priscilla rested and abided in Jesus, Anthony went to counseling, and Jonathan talked to God and chose to trust in Him. Through the pandemic, it has brought on some other challenges. Each brings their points of view on why the pandemic has happened and how the world is struggling discuss from the political, racial, economical, and spiritual worlds.

This book will give readers some great Biblical truths and real-life examples to draw from to help them in their journeys.

Everyone goes through hard times and grief while questioning God about His ways and timing. These things are normal. What we need to hold on tight to is that God knows best and we can trust in Him even when we don’t understand it.

Tony Evans came up with a concept called Divine Disruption. He believes that God allows for a divine disruption to occur to give us a divine reset. It’s not meant to be a punishment but rather having us as His children start over with a clean slate. Being in lockdown during the pandemic makes people reevaluate their life and the choices they’ve made.  It also helps us to go back to what matters most: faith and family. Without those elements, we have a hard time staying focused on Jesus and on our loved ones.

This book can be of help to anyone going through a dark season, someone who may have experienced a death, or someone who is needing encouragement during the pandemic.

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