Singapore Math Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition Overview!

If you are searching for a high-quality mathematics education course for your elementary child, Singapore Math Primary Mathematics U.S. edition is a favorite! Known internationally for equipping students with knowledge and understanding, this rigorous program balances teaching with independent practice. And now with a sanctioned online support website, homeschoolers are empowered to teach and learn with even more confidence.

Students who learn STEM math using this curriculum score high on standardized tests!

The Singapore Math method was originally developed by Singapore’s Ministry of Education for Singapore public schools. That year it gained international recognition when the students scored high on their tests, and continues to consistently rank at the top in global math testing. Since 1998, the techniques, sequencing, and rigor that defines Singapore Math have been broadly selected in a variety of forms around the world. Beginning with its introduction to the United States by one family who had lived in Singapore!

A highly effective secular, focused teaching approach!

Singapore Math’s methodology uses a unique CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) progression, and includes number bonds, bar modeling, plus a strong focus on mental math. An example of CPA is teaching your early learner addition by having them interact with real grapes (concrete), then progress to seeing drawings of grapes (pictorial), and then to printed math problems (abstract) using numbers and math symbols ex. 1 + 1 = 2.

Students learn both the how-to and why-it-works to achieve mastery!

Primary Mathematics lays a solid foundation for conceptual understanding. Kids in grades 1-6 learn to think mathematically and rely on knowledge gained from previous lessons. Students build critical thinking skills while thinking through new concepts and applying them in different ways from the start. They become successful problem solvers with confidence and resourcefulness because they do not rely on rote memorization.

Because of the use of hands-on resources, mental math, and other learning techniques, Singapore Math is a good curriculum for both right and left-brain learners! Your logic thinking kids will excel, while your repetitive learners may need a little bit of supplements or extra practice. And that is perfectly ok!

Primary Mathematics is one of the most advanced math programs used in the United States!

Concepts are taught thoroughly and sequentially with periodic cumulative reviews. Each level 1-6 consists of an A and B set. Each set is made up of a Textbook, Workbook, and Home Instructor’s Guide. Full-color Textbooks, plus 2-color pages in levels 2-6 Workbooks with large print make these learning resources very user friendly. And the Home Instructor Guides feature your lesson plans, teaching instructions, and answer keys.

If your student needs it, you can use the supplemental Extra Practice books or have your kids complete select problems from each review to create your own additional reviews. As another option, Intensive Practice books provide a variety of additional practice, as well as mid-year and end-of-year reviews.

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