September Recommended Reads – Crazy Faith

Michael ToddMichael Todd released his first book, Relationship Goals, last year with much success. He and his wife have served the lead pastor role of Transformation Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma since 2015. For his next project, Crazy Faith, Todd address a wider audience, instead of those just seeking relationship advice.

Crazy Faith is about moving beyond the basics in your walk with Christ to trusting God for the bigger steps. Each chapter builds upon the one before it, demonstrating a progression to a growing faith. For many of the chapters he focuses on a single event in the Bible, and uses that as an example for the lesson he’s teaching. Along the way, he also shares his personal stories, mainly the story about how he managed to acquire the SpiritBank Even Center as the church building. He says it all began with a vision he had, then he pursued the dream with enough crazy faith until it happened. Throughout the book, you will learn more details of the journey, the obstacles he encountered along the way, and why he believes it was a God-given vision. You will also see plenty of examples drawn from Bible stories to flesh out the main ideas of each chapter.

One of Michael Todd’s strengths to writing is in his conversational, everyday style. Even as he recounts a Bible story, he often rewords it in his own way, trying to take the reader into the scene, while giving it a modernized retelling. One example is where he focuses on the story of the paralytic Jesus healed who was lowered down from the rooftop. He personalizes the story more, even giving the paralytic a name, Jerome. In the next chapter he even shortens the name, calling him Romey. The way he writes makes the stories more relatable and easier for a general audience to follow. The language is simple and straightforward mixed with some lighthearted humor.Crazy Faith Quote

He also makes it easy to remember some of his lessons with acronyms, there’s one recurring acronym he loves for HOT (humble, open, and transparent). There’s another chapter where he contrasts hasty faith with waiting faith using the FOMO acronym, which is a term that typically means Fear Of Missing Out. He assigns different definitions to FOMO for each aspect of the comparison, making it easy to perform a self-evaluation as you read the chapter. He also uses more contemporary language to talk about artificial faith, only instead of calling it artificial or fake, he uses the word fugazi faith.

Crazy Faith is a book for those who want a straight forward guide for building a deeper level of trust with God. Each chapter is a lesson about taking your faith to a higher level, or safeguarding against growing stagnant, building up to the point where your faith leads you to take action that may not make sense to everyone else, thus the title, Crazy Faith. The humor and straightforward language will appeal to younger readers as well as new believers. Everyone who picked up a copy of Relationship Goals and wondered what other lessons Michael Todd could teach will want to give Crazy Faith a chance.

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