August Recommended Reads – God Has Not Forgotten You

God Has Not Forgotten You by David Jeremiah

David Jeremiah Dr. David Jeremiah is the founder and host of Turning Point Broadcast Ministry and senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon, California. While he has written many different books and Bible commentaries, covering many different topics in Christianity, his latest book, God Has Not Forgotten You, meets readers where they are, addressing issues for those who are going through a difficult season of life.

During trials and tribulations, do you sometimes feel like God may have forgotten about you, or like He’s just ignoring your prayers? Dr. Jeremiah explores that sentiment in God Has Not Forgotten You and goes over some of the most common reasons why you might feel that way through each chapter.  The chapters are fairly short, and the book is formatted more like a gift book or coffee table book with a presentation page, photo quality pages, and artwork throughout. Since pretty much everyone faces hard times, this book is made for a more general audience. Don’t let Dr. Jeremiah’s credentials mislead you, the language and style of writing in this book is for everyone to follow, so you don’t have to feel intimidated by it, or concerned about whether or not you could recommend it to a friend or loved one.

The chapters cover topics that could be explored more deeply in other works such as anxiety and loneliness. For some topics, he may not get as deep or exhaustive as you may want, but he does touch on some of the major issues and highlights ways forward for those going through a difficult time. He usually opens by referencing a current event or historical account that pertains to the topic of the chapter. When applicable, the chapters connect the theme to a biblical character or event, showing how we can relate to events recorded in Scripture. Many of the chapters even provide some actionable steps you can take to apply the lesson in life.

While the chapters in this book are simple and easy to follow, I could see someone having a hard time reading through this book while they are facing a crisis. Even though this is for the times when you feel forgotten by God, it might be difficult in your distress to open up a book and read about these issues if you are bitter or jaded by your circumstances. It might be best to read this book before you face your next season of sorrow. Make note of the steps and lessons that speak to you most as you read through it, then when you face that next tragedy, you can turn back to the lessons you learned, read through some of the chapters again, and learn to trust in God, even when it’s difficult.God Has Not Forgotten You by David Jeremiah

Since this does have a presentation page, ribbon bookmark, and colorful page designs, you could also share this with a friend or family member who is facing a difficult season in life. Instead of just giving out a copy of the book, you could offer to read through it together, or discuss what you learn from each chapter, building that relationship, while confronting the crisis.

God Has Not Forgotten You is a simple and straightforward read that addresses many issues that could lead us to question God’s perseverance. Ultimately it answers the questions we ask, showing that He will never leave us, nor forsake us, while guiding readers toward steps they can take trust God through the difficult seasons of life.

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