July Recommended Reads – Forever My Own

Forever My Own: Ladies of the Lake Book 2 by Tracie Peterson
is an intriguing historical Christian fiction novel! This fresh and fascinating tale is woven in a tapestry of family and friends, secrets, unforgiveness, bitterness, betrayal, kindness, prayer, forgiveness, grace, mercy, and love. You will keep turning the pages until you unravel the mysteries to discover the beauty.

One of the things I love about historical fiction is what I learn about history while portrayed in everyday settings. Here we get to know characters as they struggle in the 1870s with many of the same issues we continue to address today.

Along the way, we get involved in the sweet culture of Swedish immigrants to the United States, the variety of reasons they’ve each relocated, and their close community. We discover hardworking family and friends coming together to help each other in times of trouble and making time to celebrate the good times. We marvel at how they support and encourage one another.

We also get to witness how they reach outside of their community to assist in the development of the life-changing and legally disputed Duluth Canal in Minnesota.

We get to know each of the characters that Peterson has invested time and creativity in developing so well that we feel like personal friends. They take us through all the emotions: joy, sadness, tragedy, confusion, anticipation, hope, fear, pain, happiness, and more.

Subtle yet powerful divine and human nature nuggets of truth are sprinkled generously throughout this story. I found myself eagerly wondering what was next but then occasionally having to pause to let a profound thought for me sink in.

Some of the topics addressed include:

  • Are secrets a lie?
  • Running from the truth rather than dealing with it.
  • Dealing with the past to gain peace in the future.
  • Deism vs. Christianity
  • Forgiveness – what is it, what is the big deal, why even bother?

Forever My Own is about someone who wants to fix everyone and everything but gets frustrated, not knowing how or if it is even possible.

It’s also about having a career, friends, and a community – but somehow still feeling alone in this world.

And the golden thread is about making the time to sit in silence and listen for God to learn the lessons He is teaching us through our joy and sorrows. Our worlds are so noisy and busy that pausing even for just a bit seems impossible, yet it is life-changing.

If you can relate to any of the above, or you are just looking for a great recommended read – Forever My Own is for you.

And I would love to hear your take on this when you finish it!

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