June Recommended Reads – How Did I Get Here?

Christine Cain Blog ImageChristine Caine is known for being a powerhouse evangelist traveling all over the world preaching the Gospel while running her nonprofit, A21 that helps to end human trafficking. On top of that, she has a podcast and preaches on television.


In the midst of all of that, Christine found herself in a difficult season that lasted for a couple years. She couldn’t put her finger on what she was going through and it had been troubling her.  She and her husband came across a Navy Seals documentary. The documentary described how navy men go through a particularly grueling week of training in order to become a Seal. However, if any of them should feel like they can’t endure any more of the training, they can simply ring this particular bell that would hang in plain sight. This bell was set up for any of the navy men to ring if they wanted to “tap out” and quit the training. By choosing this, they still remain in the Navy but they won’t become a Seal.


Christine suddenly came to a painful yet startling realization that she wanted to be like those Navy Seals and “tap out” of her current circumstances.


It is through her own personal journey that she discovered how to get back to God by creating tools to help other Christians who may be drifting as well.  In each of the nine chapters focuses on one aspect of why we may drift away from God and how we can come back to Him.

The titles of the chapters clue the readers in to what will be the major talking points in the book.

  • Dropping-And Setting-Anchor
  • You Stop Trusting And You Start Controlling
  • You Stop Healing And You Start Seeping
  • You Stop Wondering And You Start Wandering
  • You Stop Praying And You Start Talking
  • You Stop Gathering And You Start Isolating
  • You Stop Hungering And You Start Gorging
  • You Stop Working And You Start Watching
  • You Stop Pressing And You Start Coasting


How Did I Get Here book by Christine Caine

Christine Caine shares her own experiences of drifting as well as her closest family and friends within these chapters. She also weaves in her own advice and the Bible to bring examples for each topic. The readers will discover ways they may have potentially drifted away from God and what to look for should they find themselves in that season of life. Christine helps make the reader feel that they are not alone in their experience and that she too has been in the same place they are currently in. It’s a reassuring comfort to know that even public figures can fall prey to drifting away from God.

None of us are exempt from drifting. As Christine Caine mentioned in her book, sometimes it just happens. We may not realize it until we look up and see we’re further away from God than we were before. God loves us and cares for us. He wants us to be close to Him no matter the circumstances. He is calling you back. Will you hear the call and ring the bell of victory instead of the bell of defeat? Don’t tap out. Make Jesus be the Anchor of your life. Be sure to check the chains for any weak links. We need to be tethered to be connected to Him at all times.


This book is a great tool for Christians who may feel far from God and want to get realigned with Him, or want to get spiritually prepared for when a season should come upon them.

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