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Master Books has done a wonderful job creating quality, ready-to-use, easy-to-teach and understand fun, and affordable Christian homeschool curriculum! They first started writing and publishing a homeschool curriculum in 2012. I look forward to each new release to see what they have come up with next.

Their goal is to supply you with materials that foster a love for learning and for God while being flexible, practical, and simple to use. They provide standards-based core subjects for Math, Language Arts, History, Science, and Electives for grades Kindergarten through 12th grade.

  • Effective and quick – frees up your time
  • Subjects connect with the real world they live in – lessons go beyond the books
  • Consistent Bible lessons throughout
  • Gentle approach
  • Inspires, motivates, and doesn’t intimidate
  • Kids are excited to learn and builds confidence

Oh, and they use experienced educators to write and create each course!

Master Books began publishing Christian books over 40 years ago.

They built a good solid reputation that as existing curriculum authors were ready to retire, they approached MB to have exclusive rights to freshen up and continue publishing the courses that so many homeschoolers were using. One of their first accomplishments was to create a hybrid between Reading and Writing Strands – and they did a masterful job at it! Also along the way, they gained Jensen’s Vocabulary, Grammar, Punctuation, and Format Writing curriculum to revamp into their style while keeping the education core.


One of the many things I love about Master Books Homeschool curricula is their teacher’s guides.

Each book is designed in the same format, so no matter what subject or course you pick up, once you become familiar with one guide, you instantly know what to expect from the others. And it doesn’t matter what subject and grade level. So once you get through the natural learning curve of how to use and follow the teacher’s book once, you won’t have to do it again!

Here are some of the features:

  • Reproducible – this is fantastic if you have more than one student or a repetitive learner!
  • Introduction – which includes how and why, supplies list (if applicable), and more
  • Student Worksheets – so you do not have to create your own
  • Perforated pages and 3-hole punched – ready to tear out and put in you or your kids’ 3-ring binder!
  • Suggested daily and weekly schedules by semesters – so you do not have to create your own
  • Quizzes and Tests – you can choose if you want to use these
  • Answer Key – with detailed answers
  • They give you suggested resources and books to choose from in case you want to go more in-depth. So you can add on what you want that is available and easy for you to get.

Another thing I love is the quality and design of the student texts and workbooks, plus the choices!

Master Books knows that children have different learning styles, interests, abilities, and skills. So they have addressed this by giving you a selection of choices of courses – and add-ons – within each subject. So you can pick and choose which curriculum fits each of your students learning style the best!

And don’t worry, the choices are not overwhelming – they like to keep it simple for you!

Other features include:

  • Christian worldview in each course
  • Most books are printed in color
  • Captivating and engaging photographs and images
  • Printed on thicker paper
  • Some are hardback books
  • Many are written in a Charlotte Mason conversation style
  • Emphasize hands-on activities and real-world application
  • Interesting and engaging material inspires a joy for learning
  • Includes independent study

Master Books curricula are designed to be convenient, open, and go, to save your busy family time and energy! 

This is especially great if you are transitioning kids from a public/private school to homeschool as it helps everyone with user-friendly material that they are somewhat familiar with, yet it is more personal for a home school. This is also an easy-to-use curriculum when you have a season of a family member’s health crisis or are busy recovering from a natural disaster.

Master Books is doing a great job of producing and publishing quality homeschool curricula that is affordable, friendly to use!

They provide really good online support through their Moms of Master Books on Facebook and their YouTube Channel as well where you can watch author interviews, ask questions, and more.

Please let me know what you and your family enjoy most if you are or have used Master Books curriculum!

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Enjoy your #HomeschoolLife!

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