April Recommended Reads – Seeing Beautiful Again Devotional

Have you ever, or maybe you are, going through a traumatic season in your life? Where you feel like you can hardly breathe, have anxiety or panic attacks, have trouble concentrating, and worse of all – feel unloved, unappreciated, and lost?

If you can relate to this, it is time that you treat yourself to some much-deserved self-care by picking up Seeing Beautiful Again by Lysa Terkeurst.

Like you, Lysa has experienced a troubling, traumatic season in her life. With raw and heart-warming transparency, she takes us through “50 devotions to find redemption in every part of your story.”

I don’t know what my expectations were when I picked this up to read, but very quickly I began to look forward to having just this few minutes of quiet time to myself, for myself, and with Lysa and our God each day.

Lysa brings a healing salve to whatever wounds you have through her tender, heart-wrenching, and healing tidbits of stories that reveal where Jesus and the Holy Spirit emerge each time. Where seemingly only devastation, heartbreak, and discouragement were blaring in her face…she can discern God’s presence to bring her upside-down world a little more right-side-up.


Where conflicts never seem to end, she invites you each day to learn a little, heal a little, and rest a little. In no time at all, you can begin to feel a little comfort, a little sanity, and some peace. That we can learn for ourselves how to see beautiful things in life once again.

She has an amazing down-to-earth way of speaking to our hearts and minds through her writing. Of connecting our dried-up spirit with the ever-flowing Holy Spirit that lives within us.


For a few minutes each day, she lifts you out of your current misery and guides you into truths that unlock your healing – spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I know you are probably thinking “but I don’t have even a few minutes of time or energy to do even one more thing.” Friend, I invite you to take that first step towards healing by taking just a few minutes for yourself to read one devotion a day for a week and see if you don’t find yourself feeling less alone, stronger, and a little better each day.

Curiosity alone may keep you coming back to this little devotional for another week.

This book is not a cure-all. It is not a quick fixer. It gently reveals truths and a hopeful perspective that get smothered in our every day, super busy, fighting one fire after another, trying to survive an urgent, crisis time in our life.

And by allowing these small life-giving nuggets of truth to get sown into our souls each day, they begin to grow in the light of each daily key scripture verse. Watered by the simple and impactful prayer at the end of each devotion. And nurtured through Lysa’s first-person talking to us as she shares, and we learn, to live again.

Lysa says, “These aren’t truths to simply read through, but to sit with. And sit in. Until we can dare walk in it. Live it out. And maybe even one day…own.”

If you feel dried-up, worn out, empty, discouraged, like things are never going to change…this book is definitely for you! Or for someone you know who is going through a rough time, or perhaps have gone through one and never fully recovered.

Give yourself a break. You deserve it. Let Seeing Beautiful Again become a part of breathing again. Of living life and not just going through it. Of your healing journey. Of reconnecting with Jesus.


I promise you it is not a waste of time or energy to spend a few minutes each day reading this devotional. You will be encouraged. Feel heard. Feel compassion and empathy. And begin to see beautiful things in your life again – starting with yourself!


PS – This canvas-covered hardback book has a ribbon marker and lined journal pages to use if you choose. It is a very thoughtful and wonderful gift for someone special, especially you!


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