Coming Soon… 2021-22 A Simple Plan Homeschool Planners!

Are you new to homeschooling? Or do you have a few years under your belt? A Simple Plan Homeschool Planner 2021-22 is your new best friend! While we excitedly await the arrival of this year’s planners, I thought I would keep you in the loop of some of the details and activity that has been going on.

This year we have two parent planners – a dated and a new undated – plus the return of our two middle/high school planners, in all-new designs of course! Our dated planner features a beautiful plant theme while our undated planner has fabulous farmhouse style designs throughout. With plenty of space for you to have fun and decorate with washi tape, colored pencils, and stickers too!


Here is a behind the scenes look at our recording the voiceover in the sound studio for our videos. We are keeping it covid-19 conscious by wearing our masks and keeping our distance from each other whenever possible.





Here we are recording the video portions, which can now be viewed on our Mardel YouTube channelFacebook, Instagram, and our website at




Your parent planner is where you plan, schedule, and keep records of the academics for each of your children throughout the school year. And our adult planners are each designed to be used with one to six kids, so it will fit perfectly into your family!

Now your student planners are for your mature middle school and high school kids to use. They help them to learn to be more independent and responsible for their education, which are important life skills.

We have two different fun designs to match your kid’s personality and preferences. This year they can choose from either Camping is Fun or Grow Where You Are Planted.


Our 12-month planners are ready to be used whatever your school year looks like. Whether you start in June or not until September, follow your local school schedule or homeschool year-round. Either way, these versatile planners will work for you!

These exclusive resources have been created to help you organize, plan, schedule, and easily keep records – while keeping it simple.

Available for pre-order now and will be in our stores and ready to ship from our website as soon as they arrive in our warehouse – very soon!

Our homeschool planners are popular and sell out quickly, so don’t hesitate to get yours, or even give one as a gift to your favorite homeschool friend or family member!

If you would like a more detailed page-by-page look at our planners and more information about how-to-use them, please watch our upcoming #HomeschoolLife video and future blog articles.

Happy Homeschooling and enjoy your new year!

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