Getting Started On What to Read This Summer

With the weather warming up, you are probably gearing up to spend some time at the beach or pool, relaxing under the heat of the sun as scents of coconut drift through the air from the sunblock kids are wearing as they splash and play. Before you get ahead of yourself and start planning out your summer, you may want to consider your reading list for when you sunbathe, sit in the shade during a thunder storm, or travel. With so many options available, where do you even begin? I have arranged a few selections to consider for:

  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Young Readers

While you only have a couple of months during the summer to relax and read some favorites, you might want to turn to a good novel to help you stretch your imagination and embark on a new quest with relatable characters.

Unyielding Hope is the start of a new series from Janette Oke, When Hope Calls. Fans of her work might remember the Love Comes Softly, Canadian West, Women of the West, Seasons of the Heart, Song of Acadia, A Prairie Legacy, and Return to the Canadian West series. Alternatively, you might just be familiar with the Hallmark channel movies based on Love Comes Softly and When Calls the Heart. This new series gives you a fresh place to start exploring her work as you journey back in time for historical fiction that is sure to touch your heart.

Synapse will take you into a thrilling science fiction future. Now available in a mass market paperbound edition, this engaging book explores ideas of faith and what it means to be human, while presenting a glimpse of a possible future. Steven James is known for the Patrick Bowers series and was called a master storyteller by Publishers Weekly. Instead of watching all the blockbusters on the big screen, this might be the explosive thriller your summer needs.

Beach Haven launches the Carolina Coast series from T.I. Lowe, author of Lulu’s Café. Whether or not you can make to your favorite beach getaway this summer, this book will take you right to the coast line where Opal Gilbert runs an ocean-side boutique called Bless This Mess. Will her desire to restore the broken cause tension when she comes across Lincoln Cole, an ex-Marine with deep wounds no eye can see? Bring a little romance to your summer reads with Beach Haven.

Changing pace, when you want to explore non-fiction books this summer, I have a few choices that might help you explore some new ideas, and reinforce your beliefs.

Uncommon Ground brings together Pastor Timothy Keller and legal scholar John Inazu as they unite a host of different thinkers to explore how we can live respectfully with those who believe differently. Discover new ways to reach out to those who are different, and unite with others who might treat you antagonistically.

My Name Is Tani is an inspiring biography about Tani Adewumi, an eight-year-old refugee from Nigeria who won the New York State Chess Championship with only a year of experience in playing the game. This true story will inspire you to believe in the power of the human spirit to overcome great adversity, while the faith and persistence of Tani’s family is an inspiration to believe in miracles.

The Fight To Flourish is mostly intended for female readers, but that doesn’t mean there’s not something in it for everyone. While Levi Lusko’s books (Through the Eyes of a Lion, Swipe Right, and I Declare War) have been popular, this is the first time to see things from his wife’s point of view. Jennie Lusko encourages women to thrive where they are, while recounting the tragedy of losing her second-born daughter Lenya just before Christmas in 2012. Whether or not you can relate with her tragedy, you can still learn her lesson, and see how God is using her story today.

While you are still searching for extra time to read this summer, your kids may be resistant to picking up a book. Maybe they have a summer reading list from school, but you want to mix some faith-based or family friendly titles into the list. Here are some books that may catch young readers’ attention.

Edge of Everywhen is a blend of fantasy and faith-based stories. It’s a book made with readers in mind, which just may spark enthusiasm in readers who are just getting started with choosing to read on their own. Find out what happens when 13-year-old Piper finds a mystical book that guides her on an unforeseen quest, and leads her to trust in the sovereignty of God.

Poison at the Pump, the latest in the Imagination Station saga. While you may be familiar with Adventures In Odyssey, the Imagination Station series takes readers along for time traveling adventures. Each book takes cousins Patrick and Beth along for another journey, you just never know when they may end up. The series just finished off a trilogy that took readers through the American Civil War, now you can meet Florence Nightingale and witness the rise of the cholera epidemic. While you are at it, you may want to browse other titles in the series that take you through biblical events or exciting points of world history.

My Name Is Tani Young Reader’s Edition shares Tani Adewumi’s story, while focusing on the portions that are most relevant to young readers. If you choose to read the extended version of the story yourself, you can get your kids to read this edition so you can compare notes about how this true story inspires you to believe in the human spirit to triumph, and the power of miracles.

No matter what you choose to read this summer, you can make sure your reading material is as enriching as it is page-turning. Hopefully, your summer is filled with enough adventures that your greatest excitement doesn’t happen in the pages of a book, but in the great outdoors, or in the time spent with those you love.


Hi, I’m Micah.  I began my career with Mardel in 2006, while earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma. While I love to write fiction and convey stories through novels, I also have a passion for studying philosophy, theology, and apologetics. I enjoy the faith-building resources available at Mardel, and look forward to sharing what new topics and information I’m learning.


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