How To: Make Your Own Bandana Face Mask

With the onset of COVID-19, wearing face coverings in public to slow the spread of this virus has become a way of life right now.  And making our DIY reusable face masks as recommended by the CDC is the thing to do. Plus, many people are turning this new essential into a fun fashion statement as well!

Making lemonade out of lemons as the saying goes!

Here are 6 simple steps to quickly make your own bandana face covering:

1 – Lay a square bandana on a flat surface.

2 – Fold in half making a rectangle shape. You can slip a coffee filter that has been cut in half lengthwise in the center of your folded bandana for an additional layer.

3 – Fold bandana in half again lengthwise, creating a rectangle shape.

4 – Slip hair ties or rubber bands over each end of your bandana, 1/3 of the way towards the center.

5 – Fold each end of your bandana to the center, overlapping one side over the other.

6 – Pick up by the hair ties and place your bandana mask over your nose, mouth, and chin area. Secure by placing the hair ties over your ears.

A few variations to try include:

Use washable fabric glue to secure your folded cloth shape.

Simply hand stitch a few anchor stitches to keep your cloth folds in place.

Cut an old t-shirt to use for the fabric. You can even cut it to size, so it has its own built-in “handles” long enough to tie behind your head  or shorter to tie over each ear.

Try cutting to size a piece of cotton braiding cord for added comfort and style.

Use soft, flexible, and colorful Paracord, parachute cord.

For cutting your own cord to length, there are two different methods:

1 – This takes the place of a hair tie.

Cut two pieces of cord long enough to loop and tie in a knot to create your own flexible band to secure over each ear. Hint: Hide the knot in the folds of your mask.


This makes a larger mask that secures behind your head.

A – Cut four long pieces of the cord of equal length – long enough to attach to each corner of your folded cloth and be able to reach to tie in place on the backside of your head.

B – Lay one end of each of your four pieces of cord on each corner of your folded bandana.

C – Next, attach the cord by tying it in a knot around a bit of the corner of your cloth. (This replaces step four above)

D – Pick up your newly made cloth face covering and place over your nose, mouth, and chin area.

E – Secure by tying the ends of your cording in a bow or knot behind your head ready to wear.

Make sure to make and keep enough cloth masks on hand to wear a clean one each day of the week. At the end of each day, remove the hair ties, rubber bands, or cording and toss in with your clothes to be washed and ready to wear again.

Remember your family, friends, and neighbors and make some up for them and give to them as a thoughtful, care-giving gift.

Have fun and buy several colorful and stylish bandanas and matching hair ties or cording to coordinate with your outfits!

Whatever we can each do to help keep our germs to ourselves and not spread this virus or any other illness to others is what is necessary to help flatten the curve.

Remember, we are all in this together!

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  1. Could you possibly make a video, it would be so much easier to follow. Thank you in advance I appreciate it.

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