Ideas For Easter Bible Study

Easter is perhaps the most important time to think about the guests who may be attending your church services. While you may have some unfamiliar faces pop in for a visit during the main service, you might also have guests joining you for Sunday school. How can you create a lesson that truly speaks to the outsiders and those who may not plan on coming back to your church until the next major holiday?

First, we must consider which age group the lesson is for. Do you teach adults, teens, or children? You can find ways of reaching the right people with a good gospel-focused message.

When you see guests come only on Easter for an adult Bible class, you may wonder what keeps them from being active in the church throughout the year, or if they are new to the faith. You might start with a question and answer portion of the class to survey your guests. Ask who Jesus is to them, and why Easter is important. This could be a good chance to explore the evidence for the resurrection. While there are good resources that explore the resurrection in great detail like Cold-Case Christianity, The Case for Christ, and Reasonable Faith, you could condense the information at hand into a short lesson that shows how the resurrection hypothesis has explanatory power. Maybe go over the minimum facts approach, detailing the facts the majority of secular and religious scholars agree upon:

  • Jesus died by crucifixion
  • His followers has vivid and tangible experiences of a resurrected Jesus
  • Early creeds show that a belief in the resurrection wasn’t a late legend
  • His tomb as found empty
  • His followers were willing to die rather than recant their experience
  • Despite persecution, Christianity grew at an alarming rate

You might even consider getting a few copies of Alive to hand out to guests and anyone who is interested in further exploring the resurrection evidence.

Teenagers may visit your church on Easter too, but sometimes they are there with their family or friends. It’s tough to know how much interest they really have in the material. You may have to make it personal to them. While you could have information available about the facts of the resurrection, like with an adult class, you may want to focus on how the message of Easter impacts us all today. As Jesus reminded us in the Sermon on the Mount, for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it (Matthew 7:13-14). While the broad path to destruction may be more popular for young people, following Jesus is the one path that leads to life. Teenagers may need to be reminded of what Jesus did for them, and how much He loves them still today.

For children’s ministry and Sunday school classes, you will want to have some fun, hands-on lessons, to teach the story of Easter. Even your regular class may still have some things to learn about the resurrection of Christ. You could use a hands-on craft like Bible Character Foam Finger Puppets, or the 3D Foam Ascension of Jesus. Alternatively, you could find an assortment of related coloring pages or activities in any of these books:

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