DIY Christmas Crafts for Kids!

It’s that time of year again – Christmas is coming! Are you ready to enjoy some creative, affordable Christmas crafts with your kids? Some of the simplest ideas become great traditions. The best thing about it is they are easy and fun to do!

Do you remember making these treasures?

Let it snow…

Even when the weather outside is frightful, you can bring the beauty indoors!

  • Using a square of white paper, fold it in half, then turn it a quarter of a turn and fold it in half again.
  • Fold it one more time (or more) making a cone shape, always keeping one point as a fixed fold.
  • Next, use scissors or show your kids how to carefully trim lines along the edges, always keeping some of the folds intact.
  • Now cut a variety of simple shapes in the middle.
  • Gently unfold to reveal a one-of-a-kind snowflake!

Now kids can get creative and decorate each snowflake using colorful glitter and glue, or glitter glue, plus crayons or colored pencils!

Display them in windows, string some across doorways, and hang in rows from the ceiling. No shoveling necessary!

O Christmas Tree…

Gather your tub of arts & crafts supplies and your children for DIY craft time!

Hint: Write the child’s name and date on the backside of homemade crafts to see the growth in their creative skills each year and for a future scrapbook!

No sugar here!

Grab some colored chenille stems and pony beads for this next easy DIY craft.

  • Show your kiddos how to take 2-3 different colors of stems, twist them together, and curve one end to create a hook.
  • Take it a step up and have them thread colorful beads, alternating the colors, over the twisted stem. They can even leave some of the stem showing. Pinch the ends of the stems to keep the beads from falling off.

Taa-Daa! Creative candy canes ready to hang from the tree, a shelf, or a door knob.

A New Twist on Tradition!

Perler beads  are the latest trend, and kids ages 6 and older can use them to design their own old-fashioned tree ornaments!

  • Let the kids mix and match different colorful beads and place them in a Perler form shape.
  • Follow the directions and use a warm iron for 10-seconds to melt the beads together.
  • Thread a string or hook in each ornament and it is ready to hang up!

Now your kids have creative DIY gifts to give to their teachers, family, and friends!

Hint: Break down a large creative project into smaller bites by setting a timer or a number to complete. Then schedule another day to do more. Keep it fun for everyone!

Count it down!

We all love the anticipation of any approaching holiday. Have your children create their own DIY advent countdown calendar! It can be as easy as:

  • Take a piece of construction paper and use a ruler to draw  25 large squares.
    • Write the numbers 1-25, one in each square.
    • Now let your littles place a colorful foam sticker in one square once a day as their personal countdown.
  • Or cut a piece of paper or foam sheet into the shape of an ornament, tree, or star.
    • Tape 25-pieces of wrapped candy on it.
    • Let your child have one piece of candy each day.
  • Or take two 8 x 10-inch or larger paper or foam sheets.
    • Draw 25 large squares on one sheet.
    • Carefully cut along 3-sides of each square, making little doors that open.
    • Glue the cut piece onto the solid sheet – just glue along the outer edges.
    • Now either tape a piece of wrapped candy behind each door
    • Or have your child decorate the spaces behind each door. They won’t remember what they drew and will be surprised each day when they open a flap to reveal what they created inside!

There are so many easy, fun, and creative ideas for Christmas DIY crafts with your kids. Select a few each year. Repeat the favorites. Now you are creating traditions and memories at the same time!


Paula Smith

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