Easy Creative Fall Crafts for Kids!

Ok, take a minute and just breathe in deeply. Do you smell it? The cool, crisp tones of fall are in the air! This is a great time to create some simple indoor DIY crafts with your kids using some of the outdoor elements unique to this time of year. The best thing about it is they are easy and fun to do!

To start with, what do you think of when you think of fall?

Most people think of: pumpkins, colorful leaves, acorns, turkeys, cornucopia, scarecrow, apples, pinecones, and corn husks. Did you think of some others?

Did someone say leaves and pinecones?

One of the simplest things to do with your child is to go for a walk each day and let them gather a few colorful tree leaves and pinecones. Place them around your house for instant fall décor!

A step up would be to take some leaves and do an old-fashioned leaf rub. Place the leaf underneath a piece of paper. Next, give your child an unwrapped crayon. Show them how to gently slide the side of the crayon back and forth over the area where the leaf is hiding underneath the paper. They will be amazed to see their leaf imprinted on the paper!

Let kiddos choose other colors and leaves and repeat on a piece of paper to make a collage!

Hint: With your older kids you can have them sketch leaves as a still-life drawing!

Got pinecones? Have kids paint or use colorful glitter glue to add some shine to those cones.



Don’t forget the pumpkin!

Of course there is the traditional family fun of carving creative designs in pumpkins. Did you know it’s easy to save the pumpkin meat to bake a yummy pumpkin pie, cookies, or bread for Thanksgiving! And those seeds – simply roast them in the oven for a nutritional and fun snack.


Give the birds a home!

Use craft sticks to build and paint a small DIY birdhouse! Hang it near a window where your children can see it.

Banners, Cards, and Signs – Oh my!

Gather your tub of arts & crafts supplies and your children for banners, cards, and sign making time! Have a variety of sizes and colors of construction paper and foam sheets on hand. Now your kids can make DIY greeting cards to give to their teachers, family, and friends.

Hint: Break down a large creative project into smaller bites by setting a timer or a number to complete. Then schedule another day to do more. Keep it fun for everyone!

Use larger pieces or rolls of paper to create signs and banners. Put expressions on them like “Happy Thanksgiving!”, “Welcome Fall!”, or “Give Thanks!” Have the children decorate using their own imaginations and glitter glue, stickers, colored pencils, small colored squares of paper, and more. Hang them on doors, in windows, and any of your walls.

Hint: Write the child’s name and date on the backside of homemade crafts to see the growth in their creative skills each year and for a future scrapbook!

Another fun activity uses construction paper, scissors, crayons, markers, and watercolor or tempera paint. Have or help your child draw the outline of a fall shape: a pumpkin, leaf, acorn, etc. Next have them decorate it however they want. Finally, cut around the shape and display for more fall decor!

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!

Childhood isn’t complete without creating some easy homemade turkeys! Start your littles by tracing around their hand on a piece of paper. Their thumb is now the turkeys head, and the fingers are the tail feathers. Let them color it, draw eyes, a beak, and legs, and display it on your refrigerator with magnets.

Older kiddos can draw or trace a turkey outline on construction paper. After they cut the shape out with scissors they can add feathers – real or paper. Glue the feathers on the turkey body and add wiggle eyes, chenille stems for feet, and decorate!

There are so many easy, fun, and creative ideas for fall DIY crafts with your kids. Select a few each year. Repeat the favorites. Now you are creating traditions and memories at the same time!


Paula Smith

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