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Can you believe it is October already? There are holidays on the horizon, and I want to tell you about an important one coming up this month. Before I begin, I want to start by asking you a question. Are you a boss, do you have a boss, do you know a boss, or do you hope to one day be a boss? Did you know there is an official holiday called Boss Day? If you didn’t know, then I would advise that you prepare yourself for it. Your professional future could depend on it.


What is a Boss?

The definition of boss is, “assign tasks, have control over employees, make crucial decisions, influence and aspire others, make the best of your people, lead others by example, have a vision, stay committed to the goals”. Though there are different traits and management styles of bosses, here are some that make them a great boss:

  • The ability to be a visionary and see future plans
  • Being able to motivate employees to achieve their full potential
  • Create connections and harmony in the company, while also helping the team get through stressful situations
  • Ensure effective collaboration and consensus amongst the team
  • Give clear directions and expect full compliance
  • Set challenges and expect the best outcomes
  • Display inspiration, empathy, motivation, and trust


History of Boss Day

The idea behind this celebration was created in 1958 by Illinois secretary Patricia Bays Haroski, who at that time worked for her father at State Farm Insurance. She simply wanted to designate a day to show appreciation for her boss, as well as allowing others to honor their bosses for being kind and fair throughout the year. Her hope was to improve the employee and supervisor relationship through this observance. She registered the holiday with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and in 1962 the Governor of Illinois officially proclaimed October 16 as Boss Day, which is a date she chose because it was her father’s birthday. Since it is only an observance, there are no schools, government buildings or businesses closed on that day like other nationwide public holidays. If that date happens to fall on a weekend, then it is celebrated on the working day closest to it. An official greeting card was on store shelves in 1979.


What to give

Though it is traditionally celebrated with a card, it has recently turned into something more. People are giving flowers, candy, chocolates, or even pooling their money together to get a larger gift. Whether your boss is male or female, Mardel has many gifts for you to consider for favorite boss.







There are many other gift ideas available on our web site. Find out what the boss does in their spare time, what genre of music they like, or perhaps if they have a favorite pet. Regardless, we can help! Mark your calendar, and then talk to your coworkers to see if they have other ideas. Just don’t forget to show your boss some appreciation!


Lisa Warren

As a Web Merchandiser for Mardel, I write on Gifts, Jewelry, and Apparel for our web site.  I write from the heart of being a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and Women’s Ministry Coordinator at my church.  More than anything else, I love the Lord.

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