15 Items to Decorate Dorm Rooms

15 items to decorate your dorm room (even if you have a roommate)

Moving on campus is a requirement for most universities for incoming freshmen, which means you’ll most likely be living in a traditional dorm or some kind of student apartments on campus. As you begin planning how you’ll decorate your dorm room there’s lots of details to consider: bedding, curtains, rugs, mini fridge etc… It’s easy to make a dorm room feel like home if you do it right- so here’s a list of items that can easily be forgotten OR a fun take on a seemingly boring dorm room essential, enjoy

  1. Most dorm rooms are lit with cheap, overpowering, sometimes green tinted (gross) fluorescent lights. As energy saving as they are, nobody wants those on all the time sooooo, here’s some super cute dorm room or campus apartment lighting to plug into your super cute power strip from the list above J



2. Now that you’ve got your lighting handled let’s talk about walls, when I was in the dorms my walls were painted brick, so heavy duty command hooks and wall decals became essential for making my dorm room feel like a home away from home! Command hooks will also help you hang your new lantern lights!


Farmhouse Lane Collection, Classroom Desktop Spinning Caddy, 8.5 x 6 Inches, Multi-Colored, 1 Piece

3. Okay so, no matter what your college dorm situation is -community bathroom, semi-communal or in-room- it’s highly likely you’ll be sharing with someone at some point which means you may not want to or be able to leave your items in the bathroom 24/7. Skip the monogrammed fabric one and go with plastic because sometimes bathrooms are gross and you can run a plastic one through a dishwasher to sterilize it (speaking from experience).You can also get a cute spinning caddy for your makeup and jewelry because again, shared space and you don’t want to be the roommate that just leaves their stuff everywhere, right? RIGHT.


Here’s a list of caddies for all your dorm room needs:


4. Incorporating your faith in God into your dorm room can be easy and beautiful! Your dorm room can be a clear expression of your Christian lifestyle in a cute and conversation starting way. Simple accents like a table cross or inspirational scripture art can be a perfect final touch as you start your college career.



Kerusso, Wakeup Makeup Canvas Bag, Pink, 10 3/4 x 7 1/2 Inches


Other fun items you might want to check out include:



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