A Note from Melanie Ralbusky: Inspiration for the Collections


It’s no secret that I love everything rainbow.  There’s something about the sequence of colors that makes my heart happy!  I’m so drawn to bright colors and I find an abundance of beauty in each and every one.

I would say that I am generally a happy person and a rainbow signifies happiness to me.  I’ve always been attracted to rainbows and they tend to have a spiritual meaning to me as well.  Not only do rainbows make me happy, they also exude hope, promise, peace and tranquility.  There’s just as much beauty in the symbolic meaning of a rainbow as the colors themselves.

The sun in this collection is also one of my favorites!  Who doesn’t love sunshine?!?  There’s nothing better than a day filled with bright light and warmth.  It’s the ultimate symbol of cheerfulness.

When I decided to combine the rainbow and the sun to create the most joyful collection I could think of, I knew it would be the perfect theme for teachers that were looking to bring happiness into their space.  Can you imagine being a student surrounded by the stunning décor in this theme?!?



The colors in this collection also exemplify school and what I envision it to be.  When I think of a school and more specifically, a classroom… bright, happy colors always come to mind.  I can picture student artwork hanging, I can picture holiday art projects and student work displayed…all of it coordinating beautifully because EVERYTHING will match this bright colored backdrop!

Decorating with a rainbow theme is SO easy too!  Right now, rainbows are trending everywhere so it’s super convenient to find storage containers, accessories, pillows, and all types of accents in these stunning colors!  Color coding your classroom is also a smart way to create the ultimate organizational system and using rainbow colors is a GREAT way to implement this system.

Overall, HELLO SUNSHINE is the perfect theme for anyone who wants to bring vibrant color and happiness into their life!  I know that if I walked into a classroom that was decorated in this theme, it would certainly bring the biggest smile on my face each and every day!

Designing Woodland Whimsy

Woodland Whimsy was a collection that I had been dreaming about for some time.  I wanted to create a collection that incorporated nature elements, while also including real photographic images, something that I noticed was trending in education.

Since I love to incorporate trendiness into my collections, I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to pull it off when dealing with this type of theme.  One day, the idea came to me… I would create a black and white floral pattern with bright colored butterflies that popped against the neutral background.  I planned to incorporate my signature rainbow palette as the butterfly colors, this way teachers could mix and match my designs.  I decided to use the black and white as my base colors and try to keep the collection as neutral as possible.

Adding textures found in nature was one of my favorite ideas with this collection.  I used birch, wood, bark, and moss.  To top off this collection, I incorporated a black and white gingham, photographic images of sweet, baby animals, and the most beautiful tree that canopies over your bulletin boards.

The one thing that I love most about this collection is that it has so much meaning behind it.  The butterfly symbolizes change, hope, and life.  In many cultures, they associate the butterfly with our soul.  Christians view butterflies as a symbol of resurrection.  For me, this collection has significance because of my own faith.  There is nothing better than surrounding yourself with a theme that aligns with your beliefs and you can actually feel a spiritual connection with.

I used the saying “Be the change you want to see in the world” as the message behind this collection.  I wanted the butterflies to bring an awareness of how one act of kindness can create a ripple effect and hopefully inspire a change in our world.

Creating a theme that is more than just pretty décor was my goal.  I wanted to make something that ultimately could bring peace and goodness to our schools.  I wanted the meaning of the butterfly to inspire teachers and students.  Having Woodland Whimsy in my own classroom gave me a sense of calm and serenity I was looking for, while also providing an environment that my children were naturally attracted to.

This collection was everything I hoped it would be and more.  I couldn’t have asked more a more beautiful space to spend each and every day in.


Schoolgirl Style is a brand of classroom décor founded by Melanie Ralbusky. As a passionate teacher and creative thinker, Ralbusky believes that anything is possible—creating extraordinary spaces is her obsession and inspiring teachers is her purpose. Feeling the need to share her exciting ideas with fellow teachers, Ralbusky was inspired to launch the chic Schoolgirl Style brand to help take the “guess work” out of classroom decorating. With more than 100,000 followers on social media, Ralbusky’s work has been featured on several classroom décor websites and she has worked with multiple education companies to share her love of teaching and classroom design . Select Schoolgirl Style designs are now available through Ralbusky’s exclusive collaboration with the Carson-Dellosa Publishing Group.

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