Summer Activities for Kids!


Summer is here! Time to take a break (no matter what your school schedule is) and have some fun! Here are some unique and family friendly kids activities for summertime! There are crafts and activities for all ages to help pass the time and create memories this summer on breaks or family vacation!


Spend some time outside with these activities

Veggie Pops

A great way to spend time outside and teach your child about nature are veggie pops! These cake pop style seed packs are ready to plant: just stick the pop in the ground or a pot of soil! Watch your flowers or food grow over the summer.


Nature walk + journaling

Spend time outdoors in creation appreciating our beautiful world by taking a nature walk and journaling what you find. This is a great summer activity to keep writing skills fresh on your child’s mind without it feeling like school work! Pick a tree to write a poem about or journal about a butterfly and do a sketch. There’s no right or wrong answer! Just do whatever creation inspires you to do!


Look for bigfoot


Will your child be the one to discover Bigfoot? Go on an adventure together this summer and search for the infamous sasquatch. Use this Big foot caller to attract Bigfoot and be ready to take a photo!

If you and your kids are dedicated to finding Bigfoot and turn the search into a camping trip, here’s a few kids camping items to bring the whole experience to life!



Rainbow Stunt Streamer



Is it really summer if you didn’t make shapes in the air with a rainbow streamer outside? This classic toy will entertain kids while keeping them active and outside – a great way to introduce a break to “screen time” and dancing/gymnastics!



Here are some indoor activities for those hot summer days

Indoor camping


For those of us who don’t find sleeping outdoors appealing, indoor camping is even cleaner than glamping! Build a tent with chairs and sheets, use a star projector, and have a forest animal puppet show! Don’t forget to make s’mores!




Playside Creations crafts

This collection of faith-based crafting offers Christian art activities to fill your days with creative, fun and memorable projects. Mask making, finger puppets and 3D foam scenes are just a few of the activities offered by Playside.


Cupcake decorating


Here’s a great combination of math, play and life skills – baking! One of the most practical ways to reinforce the concept of fractions while creating a sweet or savory treat in the process! Curious chef has a baking set crafted just for kids! For older children, here’s a modern and oven free way to bake cupcakes!



Make homemade dog treats

And while you’re baking, don’t forget your furry friends! Dogs can have most “human foods” and there are treat recipes all over the internet! Make them extra cute by using a bone shaped cookie cutter.


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