5 Steps to a Successful VBS


Vacation Bible School and Camp Crafts are a great way to reach children of all ages with the love and truth of the Bible! Fun and engaging arts and crafts, activities, games, and music will attract more kids within your community and make each day exciting and memorable. VBS and Summer Camp materials don’t have to be expensive and can be tailored to be affordable for every budget. Pray every step of the way and then…


Step 1: Assemble your team!

First you will want to come up with a team that includes a few leaders and volunteers and then agree on a theme to work around. This helps bring organization and cohesiveness to your VBS and Summer Camp for you and the kids. You can create your own theme or buy an existing one such as one of the featured VBS kits for leaders that we carry.


Step 2: Get creative!

Once you have a theme, it is time to get creative, organize, and develop those Bible lessons! There are many quality children’s ministry lesson books available to choose from that may even help you determine your theme for this year. Some of our arts & crafts books  can offer you themes and activities as well. And speaking of books, including a story time with a kids book can be both entertaining and enlightening.


Step 3: Get Organized!

Creating a daily and weekly schedule  will help your team and the children know what to expect and when. Keeping the same routine each day brings balance and order between the hands-on activities, lessons, snack time, music time, video or story time, and overall ministry. Spacing out the slower times gives team members a short break to catch their breath and to prepare for the next thing on the schedule. Plus, it allows the kids to have a brief time to slow down and reflect on what they are learning.


Step 4: Shopping time!

Next, you and your team will want to gather your supplies. Allow us to help make your life easier and cost friendly with some of our exclusive Playside Creations materials. Look for engaging and faith-building arts and crafts activities that tie in with each day’s lessons.

We offer a large selection of fun VBS and Camp Craft resources that you can use no matter what theme you are using. We carry a variety of:

Shop our versatile Bulletin Board paper rolls to use as backdrops for skits, in rooms, and photo booths, colorful table covers, and for crafts. We also have decorations  and things to make your own DIY décor in a variety of colors and themes as well.

Craft kits and science kits can reinforce what kids are learning each day, and hands-on science experiments make apologetics fun. Consider including a different science kit or science experiment each day that kids will anticipate and have a blast doing, while learning key Bible truths.

Upbeat, catchy songs that go along with your lessons will keep kids singing God’s Word long after VBS and Summer Camp is over! Choose from contemporary or traditional music depending on your theme and church denomination. Check out our children’s music  and video selection to see what fits best.

Are you wondering where you will keep all the parts and pieces that you have gathered? Why in bins & containers from our storage and organization  department of course! Clear stacking boxes with lids allow you to see what you have inside at a glance while saving space too. Lightweight plastic caddies with handles and divided sections allow you to sort, store, and easily carry from place to place as needed. And colorful labels help others as well.


Step 5: Spread the word!

Now you have planned, scheduled, and gathered everything needed to have a successful and fun VBS and Summer Camp. Time to evangelize and invite all those kids and families. Whether your church, summer camp, backyard, or neighborhood is small or large, you can create and carry out an amazing and life-changing VBS or Summer Camp!

Are you a Children’s Minister planning VBS? What is your theme or inspiration this year? Be sure to comment below!


 Paula SmithI love God, family, friends, and encouraging people. I enjoy helping others in the education world from my experience in my job and from when I homeschooled my kids. As a wife, Mom, soon to be Grandma, and the Education and Homeschool Web Merchandiser, I hope my blog articles are helpful to you as we live life together.


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