School’s Out For The Summer!


School is out – woohoo! Summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime! So what can you do with those energetic kiddos and yourself for these few short wonderful months?


  1. Figure out your new routine!

Well, while you no longer have to get up at the crack of dawn and rush around to get everyone ready for school and work, a routine of some sort with a little flexibility in it brings greater joy and relaxation for all involved.  Simple routine things like bedtimes, meal times, and wake up times. Some families find they do better if they keep the exact same schedule as during the school year. While others enjoy a little later start and finish to their summer days. The important thing is to establish the schedule and stick to it so no one gets run down and cranky or sick.


  1. Plan fun activities to fill your kiddos’ free time!

Next, schedule times of day for free time. Studies show that there is more creativity, better over-all health, and happier people when we allow them regular unstructured time. Research how much time is best for the different ages of your children and integrate that amount of free time appropriately each day. Free time can be when the baby or toddler is napping, mid-morning, afternoon, or late in the day – whatever time seems most convenient for you and your family!

Organized activities add some structure to the days and weeks and helps to keep kids from getting bored and fussy. Some ideas of fun organized activities include:

  • A field trip to your local zoo, science museum, family-oriented city event, and a hands-on art class. Choose something special and different once a week that everyone will look forward to.
  • Enroll your kids to participate and volunteer yourself to work at a Vacation Bible School!
  • Fun in the sun at your nearby city park and playground. Remember to bring plenty of water to keep everyone hydrated and sunscreen too!
  • Cool off and splash in the water at your nearby swimming pool, lake, river, or ocean. Don’t forget to apply that sunscreen and keep everyone hydrated too!
  • Daily exercise – keep it fun!
    • Take everyone for a walk in your neighborhood or nearby park!
    • Go for a family bike ride.
    • Practice playing tennis, shooting hoops, or both. No one has to be great, just have some fun and get those bodies in motion!
    • Participate in a summer sport like t-ball, softball, baseball, volleyball or other sport. This builds team sportsmanship, athletic skills, and organization!
  • Plant a garden! Teach the kids how to plant, water, weed, harvest and enjoy some of their favorite yummy fruits and vegetables – or new ones to explore. Start out with something fun and easy like our selection of Veggie Pops
  • Another important activity to include is helping your kids keep up on their educational skills throughout the summer months so they don’t lose what they’ve learned.

Just a short time on a daily basis will keep your kiddos learning and their minds active. You can even alternate subjects and types of review each day for variety and to keep up interest.


  1. Put on your sunnies. It’s vacation season!

And of course plan a family vacation or two and go explore a State or National Park or National Monument, visit remote relatives, or hang out with some long distance friends! Getting away for a few days or a couple of weeks can refresh and revitalize everyone.

And what to do on those occasional rainy summer days or nights?

  • Play in the rain or puddles – as long as it is safe with no lightening or thunder
  • Let the kids get creative indoors making arts and crafts
  • Teach them how to cook something yummy in the kitchen
  • Settle in with a movie and some popcorn, or go to the movie theatre
  • Everyone grab a coloring book and relax! Even get an inspirational adult coloring book so you can join in on the fun!


Cherish The Summer While You Can!

Summer is my favorite season of the year! With the warmer temperatures, the change in everyone’s schedules, a variety of outdoor activities available only this time of year, later sunsets each evening, and the sounds in nature! Whatever you do, make sure that you plan to laugh often with your family and enjoy every minute of each day. Summer goes by so quickly and before you know it, the kids will be back in school again!


Paula Smith

I love God, family, friends, and encouraging people. I enjoy helping others in the education world from my experience in my job and from when I homeschooled my kids. As a wife, Mom, soon to be Grandma, and the Education and Homeschool Web Merchandiser, I hope my blog articles are helpful to you as we live life together.

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