Honoring Memorial Day


We all love three-day weekends. For many people, Memorial Day is a three-day weekend that kicks off the start of summer (even though it’s about a month from the summer solstice). The sun is shining, the weather is warming up, and many pools and waterparks open up on Memorial Day weekend! We have the chance to enjoy the fellowship of friends and family gathered around for a barbeque or a picnic. While you are plotting your adventure for the weekend, are you taking much time to consider what Memorial Day means to you?

What is Memorial Day About?

Memorial Day in the United States started with honoring the fallen soldiers during the Civil War, and has since extended to honoring those who died in combat for this country. It is a tradition for some to place flowers on the grave of a soldier, or visit a local war memorial. How can we honor the holiday of our nation, while keeping our faith at the center?

How Can I Honor the Sacrifice? 

To begin, let’s consider what this country provides. Our constitution was created to respect our individual rights and liberties. We are blessed with freedom of speech and freedom of religion. We can all voice our opinions and speak out against the government freely, and the government doesn’t dictate how we worship. We are in no way forced to admire the leaders or laws of this nation, but we can value the liberties we have. Before being convicted by the truths of Christianity, many of us had to explore different religions and denominations. It’s the freedom of faith that has led us to our faith.

We can celebrate the laws and liberties that make our country unique. And this freedom was bought with a price. Many brave soldiers put their lives on the line to fight for a cause our country believed in, both before and after forming as an independent nation. We can rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep (Romans 12:5). You can unite with those who weep over the fallen soldiers. You can rejoice over the laws and freedoms we have preserved here, even when there are laws you don’t necessarily agree with.

There is a time to weep, a time to laugh, and a time to mourn (Ecclesiastes 3:4). Today, we honor the men and women who laid their lives down for this nation. We know that lives are precious, and those who died in combat did so for a reason they believed in.

This Memorial Day, when you are planning a picnic or pool party, consider the cost of the freedoms you enjoy. Take some time to honor the fallen soldiers who paved the way for where we are today, without compromising your faith.

What Are Your Memorial Day Plans?

How will you honor the holiday? Are you going to a picnic, or a Memorial Day parade? Will you visit a local war memorial, or exercise your freedom to abstain from the celebrations around you? What does Memorial Day mean to you?


Micah Black

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