How To Create A Beautiful Wedding Centerpiece

Transform a Wire Dress Form into a Beautiful Wedding Centerpiece!

Get excited for this is a DIY that ANYONE can do! Even those of us who feel like our creativity could fit in our pinky finger.

You only need 3 items for this super versatile DIY:

  • A Wire Dress Form or any form or frame that you want
  • A hot glue gun. I recommend a high/regular heat but low heat will work too with some patience.
  • Decorations of your choice!



For this how-to I am using some artificial flowers we had laying around the office from an old project. Which means you should take a look around your home and see if you have any leftover plastic or fabric floral stems, buttons, beads or any artsy item that fits your style! Hint: If you are making these as table centerpieces for a wedding or large group setting, you will want to divide up the décor evenly for all the wire forms you will be using.

The most important step that I always forget is: plug in your hot glue gun! In the arts and crafts world trying to use a hot glue gun that’s not hot enough is definitely in the top 10 most annoying things. So….

    And make sure it’s plugged into an outlet that’s close to your crafting area and on a plate or other surface that will catch the melting glue.
  2. Gather your supplies and get them prepped while the hot glue gun heats up.
    For me this was removing all the pretty little rose buds from the stems and sorting them into piles depending on color and size.
  3. If you’re an “A type” personality the obvious next step is to plan out an order or pattern for how you’ll apply your decorative items.
  4. If you’re the type who wings it – check your hot glue gun – if it’s ready start winging it!


Let’s say you’re limited on time or decorations, or maybe you want to keep it simple for an assembly line of people working on a big project – this next version is for you!

Let me introduce you to glitter spray paint. Not spray glitter that just explodes everywhere… glitter paint that sprays from a can! For this next version of decorating a wire dress form you will need:

  • A Wire Dress Form or any form or frame that you want
  • Glitter spray paint
  • Ribbon and/or bows
  • A hot glue gun – high or low heat will work for this one
  • A cardboard box or an area to spray paint in


  1. Start by spray painting the entire dress form with 2 layers of spray paint. The first layer doesn’t have to be completely dry, just give it about 5-10 minutes between coats.
  2. Once you’ve allowed the paint to dry it’s time to add a few simple accents. I used some gold ribbon and a black bow as a “belt” for the dress.
  3. Let everything dry overnight before using it as decorations


I hope this quick DIY helps you create amazing and beautiful décor for your upcoming wedding, shower, special celebration, women’s event, or as a cute seasonal decoration for your home!









Hi, I’m Kenzie! I am a native Oklahoman and professional photographer. I hold a degree in Photographic Arts from the University of Central Oklahoma and have experience in many areas of photography. I’m super passionate about good food, unique experiences and life hacks.



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