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Indoor (or mostly indoor) kids crafts and projects


Springtime brings longer days and warmer temperatures but it also brings rain and unpredictable weather. So, for those of you looking for indoor or mostly indoor crafts to do on those rainy days and weekends with your kids, here’s a list of some of the coolest items I’ve come across. These crafts are perfect for birthday parties, sleepovers, church retreats, staycations and weekends!



This is a fun activity that also teaches kids and teens the power of reusing and recycling clothes. This hands-on craft is a great colorful, creative outlet for kids and teens. Did you know you can tie-dye more than shirts? You can tie-dye socks, hats, scarfs and bandannas; you can even tie-dye a backpack if it’s made from the right materials!


Fabrics that dye well:

  • Cotton
  • Rayon
  • Hemp
  • Linen
  • Ramie (a vegetable fiber)


Avoid 50/50 blends and go for shirts that are made of at least 80-90% natural fibers or the colors will come out pale. The more polyester you have in the fabric the less color it will take.


Here’s 3 really cool tie-dye kits to get you started

  1. Tie-Dye 101 Pattern Book

This book has over 20 tye-dye designs including swirls and sunbursts!

  1. Tie-Dye kit: Unicorn Shimmer

Yes, you can now combine tie-dye and unicorns! And this kit includes everything you need for the project: colors, rubber bands and gloves! Just pic something to unicorn-ify!

  1. White, Tie-Dye Ready Backpack

In case you aren’t sure what to dye for your project, here is a ready-to-dye drawstring backpack




Playside Crafts has a large selection of non-religious & religious crafts. From bible character finger puppets to robot masks you’ll find a fun filled craft that will pass the time on a rainy day, help kids learn to follow a process and create using their imagination! These craft kits come with durable


Here’s 3 super fun kits I’ve had a chance to open and test:

  1. Dogs & Cats Craft Roll Kit

This kit caters to dog and cat lovers with 4 styles to choose from. Design your dream pet without ever having to scoop a litter box!

  1. Glitter Dotty Alphabet Stickers

What craft list is complete without alphabet stickers?? These glitter alphabet stickers can be used with many other Playside Creations crafts or on other materials like construction paper, balloons or wood- these make it easy to be creative during craft time

  1. Foam Finger Puppets, Famous Bible Story Characters
    The faith-filled finger puppets are perfect for a rainy day or summer camp to get kids excited about some of the most popular bible stories!




This brand has games, crafts and activities for multiple age groups including toddlers! The craft kits are available for as young as age 4 with some more difficult crafts that require age 6. From dress-up to decoupage figurines, Melissa & Doug has so many fun kid’s activities


These 3 really caught my eye!

  1. Grocery Basket with play food

This grocery basket is a fun way for kids to play and learn. What I really enjoyed about this specific product is that it has things like “organic” and “natural” on the boxes!

  1. Decorate your own piggy bank kit

As kids start doing chores or getting an allowance this is a fun way of teaching them about saving but it also encourages creativity!

  1. Water Wow reusable water reveal pad

These water wow pads are amazing for trips and mess free fun when you’re running errands or just need an activity to have your kids do before naptime.





Mardel offers some awesome science kits! There’s a large selection of homeschool and education items which means science kits are in abundance at Mardel! Here’s a few of the many awesome and educational science kits that will make learning cool and fun.


  1. Cool, break open 4 real geodes starter science kit

This kit is super hands on and should be done outside, it’s messy but the result is a stunning geode that introduces kids to geology and rock formation.

  1. Science Wiz, Light Science Kit

As a photographer I can’t image not recommending at least 1 thing that teaches kids about how light works. This science kit has multiple activities that teach the nature of light and how it can be harnessed.

  1. SICK! Science bubble blast science kit

This is a simple science kit that teaches surface tension and definitely promotes some teamwork to not drop or pop the bubble!

  1. Cool Shark Teeth Dig Science Kit

This dig kit allows kids to dig for real shark teeth treasure hunt style! 3 real shark teeth are ready to be found and, in the process, kids learn about sharks and fossils. The kit also includes a booklet with 10 games, puzzles and challenges.



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