Make Valentine’s Day a Day to Remember

Happy Valentine’s Day! Some people love Valentine’s Day, and others not so much. It is one of the most celebrated holidays in America and around the world. Young and old exchange cards and gifts every February 14th. Not many people even wonder or care anymore about the history and how this unique day originated. We just look forward to participating in it each year!

Remember when you were in elementary school and made the Valentine shoe boxes with the slit cut out in the lid to slide in and hold all of your cards and goodies from your classmates that day? And the candy hearts with their cute sayings that we would spend so much time sorting through to give the right message to that special someone?! Or to eat them in a certain order…wait, you mean some people actually eat them?!

How about when you were a teenager daydreaming about who you might receive a surprise gift or flowers from – and wish that it will be from your latest crush and the start of something special? Or all that pressure you put on yourself planning that first date to be on Valentine’s Day and hoping it is perfect?

Young and old, dating and married adults plan and organize what to do, where to go, and how to celebrate this special day and make it a momentous occasion. I even attended several weddings over the years that were held on Valentine’s Day! That’s one way to remember your anniversary and guarantee a double celebration in a single event!

Of course there are the traditional ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day including giving presents of chocolates or candy, roses or other flowers, and jewelry or clothing. All good things! Then there is spending time together by going out for a fine dining experience or on a casual picnic. Seeing a movie or a live performance. Strolling through the park, hiking in rugged terrain, or out dancing. Playing a board game, creating a scavenger hunt, or doing something artistic together.

I asked my husband what was his favorite gift or thing that we have done to celebrate Valentine’s Day over our almost 33 years of marriage. He said the same thing I was thinking: spending time together.

When our kids were growing up we would make homemade cards and gifts. Decorated with lots of hearts and I love you’s of course. One of our favorites was the little coupon books we would make for each other with thoughts like: I will make your bed for a week; Choose your favorite meal; Ask me for a shoulder massage; and Let’s plan a date together!

Whether you choose romantic, relaxing, or adventurous. Make it fun, creative, or more serious. Valentine’s Day is about focusing on those we love and taking time to express how special they are to us. It could be your friend, husband, wife, child, parent, grandparent, or other close relative. Take time out of your busy life and make this Valentine’s Day one to remember!


I love God, family, friends, and encouraging people. I enjoy helping others in the education world from my experience in my job and from when I homeschooled my kids. As a wife, Mom, soon to be Grandma, and the Education and Homeschool Web Merchandiser, I hope my blog articles are helpful to you as we live life together.

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