From Kenzie’s Studio: How to Make A Gift Basket

Here’s a quick and easy DIY guide on how to put together a beautiful, personalized and high quality looking gift basket for any occasion! Baby shower, a wedding gift, thanksgiving and Christmas are just a few of the many occasions and holidays where bringing a thoughtful and personalized gift really matters.

Follow this step by step guide to assembling your own gift basket that is sure to impress!

Step 1: Gather Your Items

You’ll need a:

  • Bucket
  • Mug or tumbler
  • A journal
  • A pen
  • A wall cross or trinket tray
  • A candle or Jewelry
  • Ribbon and bow
  • Cellophane
  • Tissue paper
  • Crinkle paper
  • Scissors
  • Packing tape









Click here to see all of these in one place.


Step 2: Prep Your Bucket

Start with 3 sheets of tissue paper. You’ll want to fold them to fit in the bucket but you want them to lay flat. They will be the support for the crinkles. Grab about 4 handfuls of crinkles (Don’t skimp. What else will you use it for anyway?!) and lightly lay them on top of the tissue paper. This should fill the bucket to the top but not overflow. Your items have a nice soft bed to rest on that keeps them cushioned if your gift has to travel far.







Step 3: Add Your Gift Items

This part depends on the gifts you’ve selected but the main goal is to arrange them nicely. Here’s a few tips for visually appealing arrangements:

  • Mountain: place the tallest item in the middle and place shorter items on both sides
  • Flower: put the biggest item in the middle and surround it with smaller items
  • Groupings: pretty simple, group like items together







Step 4: Cut Your Cellophane

For the buckets featured we used 30” x 40” of cellophane. You want enough to securely wrap up and over all the items with some slack (about 8 inches) at the top to tie off and cut. This gives it the “gift basket” look. This part might take a few tries. It did for us but once you get it right it’ll be easy to do and remember.

If you’re nervous about the amount of cellophane you’re using to wrap your gift, treat it like wrapping paper and measure it out before you cut. Just remember to leave at least 8 inches of slack to tie off and have sticking up.










Step 5: Wrap Your Gift

Have the packing tape close by (make sure it’s packing tape, regular gift-wrapping tape won’t hold everything in place- we tried it!). You’ll want to pull the top taut then wrap the sides around to the back, while hugging the bucket close to keep the front from bubbling and shifting. Tape along the back and repeat on the other side.







Tie off the top with some precut ribbon, tape down any open holes and get ready to add your curly bow! Once you’ve placed it on the front of your gift take 2 of the ribbon curls and tie them around the cellophane slack at the top. This keeps the bow secure if your gift has to travel or sit for a few days.













Once you’ve selected the perfect gift items, filled your bucket, arranged your gifts and wrapped your bucket, you’ll want to add a ribbon bow where you tied off the cellophane. This gives it a finished and high-quality look and it helps secure the cellophane because you can take 2 of the ribbon curls and tie an additional knot around the cellophane. See the photo for a visual on this.
















Did this DIY help you create an awesome gift for Mother’s Day or secret sister/ secret angel? Let us know by posting a photo and tagging @mardel_inc



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