From Kenzie’s Studio: D&D Wickless Fragrance Cubes

“From Kenzie’s Studio” is a guest article written by our inhouse photographer. Her blogs include interesting, quirky and fun Mardel products that catch her eye while photographing hundreds of items each week!

With the passing of Christmas and New Year’s Day it’s time for us to get a fresh start. While working on a project for Social Media I had the absolute pleasure of discovering these amazing aromatherapy scents by D&D. Listed below are my top 3 – must have – wickless fragrance cubes to kick off your year!

D&D Sweet Memories 

The post-holiday blues can set in quickly after the rush and excitement of the time spent with family and friends; opening presents, baking cookies, candy everywhere… Sweet Memories is the perfect fragrance to have around as you’re taking down the tree or packing away the stockings. This cozy semi-sweet scent holds all our favorite holiday smells in a calming blend that helps you appreciate the fun you had. These red cubes are filled with notes of sugar and candy plus the warm grounding hug of vanilla to remind you that you’ve only got 360 days until you celebrate again!

D&D Coconut Milk & Patchouli

This scent is perfect to have during winter and spring (or anytime of the year!). The comfort of earthy sandalwood and subtle patchouli is paired with refreshing coconut milk to bring a peaceful exotic vibe to your space. This blend is not too sweet and not too earthy. You don’t have to be a “patchouli person” to appreciate this blend. There is just the right amount of each fragrance which means you can enjoy all the smells harmoniously as you sit on the couch reading on a cozy afternoon or to put some pep in your step while you’re spring cleaning!

D&D Beach Getaway

And finally, for those of us out there who want winter to be over as soon as its New Year’s Day, Beach Getaway is the ticket to a tropical paradise. Melt these wax cubes and experience fresh, crisp ocean air with a hint of sea salt so you can imagine laying on the beach for an extended vacation. The light blue color of the cubes looks just like the ocean and compliments this aromatherapy blend perfectly! Escape the winter blues by adding 1 or 2 of these blue vacation cubes to your wax warmer, kick back and relax! These would also be a perfect final touch for a beach themed party to really transport your guests right to the ocean!

As seasons change, aromatherapy can be a powerful tool in welcoming in a new season or at least making the transition easier. These are just 3 that caught my eye. We have so many more at Mardel and new scents being introduced all the time!

PS-I found that 2 cubes per wax melter/room was just the right amount of aroma but experiment and find the right amount of fragrance for your beach “staycation” or warm vanilla sugar hug!


Hi, I’m Kenzie! I am a native Oklahoman and professional photographer. I hold a degree in Photographic Arts from the University of Central Oklahoma and have experience in many areas of photography. I’m super passionate about good food, unique experiences and life hacks.

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