So You Have Decided To Homeschool – Part 1: Pray, Breathe, and Understand Why

So you have decided to homeschool! Now, where do you start?  This can be an exciting and/or frightening journey to begin. This lifestyle is one that has great measurable rewards above and beyond what you can imagine – and I’m not just talking about educating your children!

I homeschooled my kids from preschool through high school.  I learned as much as I could from the “experts” as often as possible. It turns out they are just ordinary Moms and Dads like you and me but with homeschool experience and wisdom to glean from. I was so grateful to read about these homeschool families, attend their workshops, talk with them, and even become friends.

To begin with, you will want to pray about your homeschool if you have not already. Ask God for guidance, wisdom, and anything else that He already knows you will need to be a success. You will want to make this a habit each year as you homeschool.

Take some deep breaths as you begin your homeschool process to calm your excitement and settle any feelings of being overwhelmed or uncertain. Don’t worry, you are not the first one to start this journey and you will build confidence as you go!

Understand why you are educating your kids at home and keep that factor at the forefront of your mind. Just like anything else in life, we can become so involved with all of the details that we forget the original goal, which can then have a ripple effect. This is very important.

It may help you to know you are not alone. Here are some of the many reasons other families homeschool:

Many feel compelled or called to homeschool. Now there are second and third generations of people who want their kids to have the same one-on-one time and education that they themselves received. Parents can also educate at home because they live miles away from an established school and it is more convenient.

There are parents who home educate because their child is being bullied or taught things at school that they are not ready for them to learn. Some families have actually been forced to home educate because their student has been expelled from school. There have even been people who choose to keep their kids at home so they can spend additional time with a seriously ill parent or relative.

A flexible schedule gives the ability to take time off from school while a traveling parent is at home. There are families that take regular trips or missionary work or family business. Others move around with careers such as the military and believe it is an easier transition for their children.

Parents can teach their kids in the afternoon or evenings if the student has a great opportunity to participate in a day-time job shadow or apprenticeship. There are also kids who have a professional career already such as modeling that benefit from a non-traditional school day.

Parents can feel they need to homeschool a student who is a super quick learner, consistently finishes their work early, and get themselves in trouble too often. The opposite of that are the kids who are repetitive learners or those with learning disabilities who fall behind in their understanding and schoolwork so that they are no longer actually learning.

Families can choose to homeschool just one particular child and not the rest of their kids. Or decide to home educate each student only up to a specific grade. While others don’t start educating at home until their kids reach a particular grade.

As you can see there are many reasons why families homeschool their kids. So take time to pray, breathe, and understand the core of your homeschool. I hope this gives you confidence as you take the next step in establishing your homeschool. Next time, we will talk about some beneficial research you will want to do!


Paula Smith

I love God, family, friends, and encouraging people. I enjoy helping others in the education world from my experience in my job and from when I homeschooled my kids. As a wife, Mom, soon to be Grandma, and the Education and Homeschool Web Merchandiser, I hope my blog articles are helpful to you as we live life together.

2 comments on “So You Have Decided To Homeschool – Part 1: Pray, Breathe, and Understand Why

  1. So helpful! My daughter is in her first year of homeschooling two of our grandkids, and it was a big commitment. There were so many choices to make, and I think perhaps she overplans activities, so that they have almost too much to do, but the kids are thriving, and absolutely loving it.

    1. Thank you Beth! I’m so glad this article is helpful. I learned so much throughout my years of homeschooling my kids that I am more than happy to pay it forward and share with others! Keep your eyes open for the continuation of this series of “So You Have Decided To Homeschool” too!

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