From Kenzie’s Studio: Salt & Light Outreach Postcards

“From Kenzie’s Studio” is a guest article written by our inhouse photographer. Her blogs include interesting, quirky and fun Mardel products that catch her eye while photographing hundreds of items each week!

This week something super cute caught my eye, Mardel’s new Salt and Light Outreach Postcards! What I love about these postcards is that not only are there multiple cute designs (see the photos below) but they can be used for so many different occasions.

They are a creative and heartfelt way for churches, faith-based organizations or any organized group to send friendly reminders and invitations to members and past visitors. Anyone can use these cards so send a kind message! From a simple I miss you to happy birthday, these outreach cards have got you covered.

My top 3 favorite postcards are listed below but trust me narrowing it down to 3 was tough!

1.“We Have Bean Thinking About You”

This postcard caught my attention because I’m vegan and I love beans. But more importantly, they are super cute and inviting! The pun humor is perfectly used in a simple way and there’s a friendly bean waving to you on the back.

2.“We Toad-Ally Miss You”

Another great pun that caught my attention, this card also has waving illustrated toads and an upbeat modern background. If I got this in the mail I would be toad-ally happy the rest of the week!

3.“Thank You For Visiting”

Combining gold and navy is on trend right now in just about every way possible and I think it goes great on this ornate, art deco inspired postcard. It’s clear to the recipient right away that a congregation is thankful for their presence at a recent sermon or event and they are being thanked in style.


Okay, showing only 3 was tough, so tough that I decided to show 3 more awesome designs!

4.“Happy Birthday Confetti”

Another on trend design that could be sent by anyone to wish a happy birthday! No matter who is sending it (Girl Scouts, a women’s bible study, Awanas etc.) the recipient would have a hard time not feeling special, confetti makes everything better!

5.“Glad You Came”

This marble and gold accented postcard is one I had to include! This is another postcard that can be sent by a church or Bible study but it’s useful for anyone organizing an event who wants to send a thoughtful note of gratitude to the attendees.

6.“it’s Un-Bear-Able Without You”

One last pun, it was too cute to leave out because the real question is: who wouldn’t feel special receiving this sweet postcard in the mail? A church can make a lasting impression on long time members who haven’t visited in a while and first-time visitors. This postcard is probably the closest thing to sending a hug in the mail!

These cards would be great for just about any event where you want to say thank you to those who attended or for any organization to send as a friendly gesture. I had so much fun sorting through more than 70 designs and I may or may not have ordered a few for myself to send to a friend or two.


Hi, I’m Kenzie! I am a native Oklahoman and professional photographer. I hold a degree in Photographic Arts from the University of Central Oklahoma and have experience in many areas of photography. I’m super passionate about good food, unique experiences and life hacks.


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